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Tired of dealing with agencies who just don't get it?

Always making promises they can't deliver on...
Never able to get them on the phone...
No idea how to market for your specific needs...

You just want something that works!

Accountability. Transparency. Results-driven techniques.

Our founder, Caitlin, has lived this struggle helping her husband run their own functional medicine clinic. So she decided to share what she's learned about marketing for cash-based practices with people just like her all over the country.

The Ignite Team

The Team Ignite Event Marketing



Caitlin is an entrepreneur and social media guru who possesses a unique understanding of marketing for doctor events. She went from running a highly successful social media and marketing consulting firm to helping her husband run their own clinic full-time. Their clinic now achieves over $100K+ in revenue monthly and she is passionate about sharing her proven practices with doctors all over the country! If that wasn't enough, Caitlin is also an amazing mother to two rambunctious children and loves integrating health and wellness into her daily life.

Operations Director

Nicole is the backbone behind the whole Ignite enterprise. She wears many hats - from managing ads to keeping our business operations in working condition - so we are always in the best shape to help you. There is likely nothing going on in the Ignite world that Nicole hasn't made absolutely perfect with her keen eye and sharp business acumen.

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Technology Expert

In today's world, technology is an essential tool to running a successful business. Ignite went beyond just obtaining the essentials - we got the best of the best to deliver our clients top-of-the-line marketing services. Isaac has been developing websites and custom software for over 20 years, and is an expert in technology integrations. Our nifty Client Portal that allows clients to easily manage event details, lead flow, send out text and email notification reminders - all of it was masterminded by Isaac! He is constantly working to bring us and our clients the next best features in technological developments and support.

Client Services

Rebecca's role is to keep all the details in place and assist in client satisfaction. With a background in Organization and Interpersonal Communications, she loves her part in making every aspect of the marketing process as successful and enjoyable as possible for us and for you. Her life outside of Ignite includes an active family, plenty of reading, cooking, and eating said food.

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Ad Specialist

Katherine is part of the ever-important Ads team here at Ignite. She leads an exciting and intentional life with the help of her husband and her sidekick doggo Kaos. Her consistency, positive attitude, and commitment is exactly the recipe needed to make your ads successful!

Marketing Assistant

All those nitty gritty details that have to come together to make any project a success? Hilliary's the one for the job! She assists with the event and ad setup process, works on projects for the team, and is the resident DJ while at the office.




Aaron - SEO & Adwords

When it comes to the intricate puzzle pieces that need to align for a website to excel with SEO & Google Adwords, that’s where Alex shines. Balancing creativity with analysis, he ensures every ad not only resonates with its audience but also achieves top-notch ROI, making him an invaluable asset to our digital marketing team.

“The return on investment from Ignite’s ads have been the best we have ever seen. Using only their system, last night we had 38 show, and 22 signed up for ROFs.”

- Dr. Adam Learner, Family Acupuncture and Wellness



We don't try to trap you into a process that isn't for you. If Facebook Marketing isn't producing the results you need, we are upfront and even suggest alternative solutions to fill your events.



No secrets here! You'll always know what we're doing, why, and how your ads are performing. And you'll never pay a penny more in ad spend than is necessary.


Results-driven Techniques

Every practice we use for our clients has already been tested on our own clinic! So we know what we're doing actually works.

We’ve spent a decade learning the nuances that make generating new patients for medical businesses different than any other niche.

That’s why we’re so confident we can get you results.

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