Ignite Your Clinic Marketing

With a 10-20 Minute Webinar For Your Clinic

Example 1: Natural Medicine Center of Raleigh
Stress, Hormones, and Health

Example 2: The Medical Center
Regenerative Medicine for Joint Pain

Example 3: Holistic Wellness Center
Thyroid and Autoimmunity Seminar

Example 4: Rothman Health Solutions
Diabetes: A Holistic Approach

Example 5: Trivida
Inflammation, Chronic Pain, and Stress-Related Disorders

Example 6: Mountain Health Functional Medicine
Gut Health

  • A Custom Personalized Webinar

    Our 10 to 20 minute webinars are professionally voiced slideshows that integrate HD video and animation, customized with your clinic information.

  • Reinforced Branding

    The video and slides within the webinar will display a practitioner biography, multiple mentions of your clinic's name, clinic logo/photos, and your practitioner's photo throughout the video.
  • A Vital Marketing Tool

    E-mail the link of your landing page to cold calls who can't make the talk, long distance patients, and ROF spouses who missed the dinner talk. We can also proactively market the webinar on Facebook (see below). Make sure to schedule a coaching call with FPC to ensure your team can correctly flow these leads.

Do you want to directly market your webinar so you can eliminate a dinner talk each month? Come discuss this exciting opportunity with Caitlin at the Ignite booth!

Fill Up Your Talks

Fill your in-office or restaurant talks with motivated, qualified potential patients.  Utilize Facebook to reach a wide range of people who are interested in hearing what you have to say and taking action to change their lives!

Common Questions

How do you personalize a 10-20 minute webinar?

Our webinars are a professionally voiced over slideshow that integrates HD video and animation. It is customized with a practitioner biography, several  mentions of your clinic’s name, clinic logo and photos, and your practitioner’s photo throughout. From a patient’s perspective, this webinar was created by your clinic.

Where does the webinar live?

You will have a custom landing page: www.functionalwellnesswebinar.com/your-clinic-name. The
landing page includes more information about your clinic, including a map of your location, conditions treated, and testimonials. The landing page encourages visitors to watch the webinar and submit their contact information if they’re interested in booking a ROF. The lead information is then emailed directly to you for follow up.

What do I have to do to create the webinar?

Exchange one email with the Ignite team and send us your photos – and your webinar and landing page will be ready within a few weeks.

What if I want to change the content of the script?

You will be emailed the entire script as part of on-boarding. This webinar is designed to provide the necessary pre-education in the traditional FPC format. If you wish to customize any of the content beyond the typical personalization, you will be charged a $500 fee for more than three minutes of customization. 99% of clinics do not require this.

What else do I need to know?

Because the webinar utilizes FPC intellectual property, you must remain in good standing with FPC to continue to utilize the webinar in your clinic.

Caitlin Boyle<br>
Founder, Executive Director  of Ignite
Caitlin Boyle
Founder, Executive Director of Ignite

Ignite Your Clinic Marketing NOW


Ignite provides market exclusivity as part of our agreement. Become known as your area’s authority in functional wellness! If your market is still available, the time to take action is now!

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